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Outlook PST File- How to Split?

What is the PST File?

PST (Personal Storage Table) file is an open proprietary file format that saves and stores emails and other items like contacts, contact information and calendar entries in MS Outlook. PST file size or storage limit varies depending on the Outlook version you have installed on your system. For example, the 2002 Outlook version has 2GB file size limit while the latest versions like Outlook 2010 and 2013 are far greater in file storage size limit.

Why Do I Need to Split the PST File?

No matter what version of Outlook you have, if you’ve been using your Outlook account for years and you use it frequently without deleting your previous mails and contacts, you are likely to reach the file size limit.
As the PST file of your account starts filling with data the speed of your Outlook account...

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A Quick Guide to Converting OST Files to PST File Format

What is the OST File?

OST is the abbreviation of Offline Storage Table. MS Outlook stores all your important emails and other data in the OST files. These files can be accessed by the Outlook user even when the system is not connected to the internet. Therefore unlike Hotmail and Gmail, you don’t need to have an internet connection to read emails, view calendar entries and contact information in your MS Outlook account.

Why do I Need to Convert my OST files into the PST File Format?

Then why convert OST files into PST file format? This would probably be the question on your mind after reading the content written above. Though this is not a compulsory thing to do but it is advisable to convert OST files into the PST file format for back up purposes.
You may not know but OST files...

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST- Does this Tool Actually Work?

Stellar Phoenix Outlook

Do you use MS Outlook application? Do you use it to send and receive emails within your office regularly? If yes, then it is best to download and install Stellar Phoenix PST tool on your PC.
MS Outlook is the most preferred and widely used application used in organizations. This application is used to primarily to facilitate smooth flow of communication via emails. However, this application is also used for other purposes for example storing contact information, saving drafts, attachments and reminders for important business appointments and meetings scheduled.
This application is highly functional and helps communicate within and outside the office efficiently and conveniently. Nonetheless, if you use it quite frequently and don’t delete the emails and contacts stored in it, you may come across inbox errors like PST file corruption or PST file size limit error.
Basically all the...

A Quick Guide to Fixing 2GB File Size Error

What is the 2GB File Size Error?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook 2002 or any earlier versions, then the size of your Personal Folders, the PST file would be around 2 gigabytes. The 2GB file size error occurs when your PST file either reaches or exceeds this limit. The 2GB size error code is also referred to as over-sized PST file error.
When this error occurs you will be unable to send or receive emails via your Outlook account. Furthermore, you will also be unable to add any new data and view your important calendar entries, notes and save drafts.
The Outlook displays many sorts of error codes which indicate triggers the 2GB file size issue. Here are some of the messages that you may find displayed on your computer screen:

xxxx.pst cannot be accessed – 0x80040116
Errors have been detected in the file...

A Smart Way to Fix Outlook PST Inbox Errors

Outlook PST Inbox Errors

Do you use MS Outlook email account to send and receive day to day office emails? Have you been using the same Outlook email account for years? If yes, then you develop awareness about Outlook PST Inbox errors. MS Outlook basically stores the mail objects in a PST file. This contains all your emails, contacts, journal entries, attachments and notes.
You may experience different types of Outlook Inbox errors displayed on the screen in long error codes like 0x8004060c, 0x80040600 or 0x80040116. All these are Outlook Inbox errors that prevent the Outlook application from performing tasks properly and thereby hampering your ability to access your email account, view attachments, contacts and important calendar entries.

Error Causes

There is not one specific cause for the occurrence of Inbox errors. These can be triggered by several reasons, however, the most common are...

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