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How to Fix PST Errors Where ScanPST.exe Tool Fails?

PST Errors

PST (Personal Storage Table) file is an open proprietary file format. This file is typically used in Microsoft Outlook application to save and store email messages, calendar entries, notifications, drafts, attachments and your contacts. The size of the PST file is approximately 2GB.
Many users of MS Outlook often come across PST errors like 0x8004060c, 0x80040600 or 0x80040116 to name a few. When these error codes appear, the user often gets locked out.
The Symptoms of PST Errors
The symptoms of PST Errors include:

You can’t send and receive emails
Add new contacts
Change entry data in your calendar
Obscure error messages start popping on your screen

Causes of PST Errors

These errors can be triggered by several causes. Some of the most common causes include PST file corruption and damage, virus infection and when the PST 2GB file size limit exceeds. The PST file size reaches its...

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How to Recover a Lost MS Outlook PST Password?

What is the PST File?

Do you use MS Outlook for communication within your office? If yes, the you should know that all emails messages you send and receive, calendar entries, notes and drafts you make, the folders you create and contact information you add are all saved in an Outlook Data File folder. This comprises of 2 types of files .OST and .PST.
OST is the Offline Storage Table that enables Outlook users to access the email account with no internet connection. However, this file is susceptible to damage. Therefore, it is advisable to convert it into the PST file format. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. This file saves all the data in your Outlook email accounts including emails, calendar entries, contact information, notifications and attachments on your local hard drive safely and keeps data protected. For security and privacy...

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An Easy Guide to Repair Corrupt PST Files Fast

What is a PST File?

PST file is the abbreviation for Personal Storage Table. It is an open proprietary file format which is used in MS Outlook application to save and store emails and other items like calendar events, notifications and much more. This file format is also referred to as a Personal Folder File. The size or the storage limit of the PST file varies now depending on the Outlook version you have installed. For example if you have MS Outlook 2002 installed on your PC, the PST file size limit for this version is 2 gigabytes. However, the size of the 2010 Outlook version is far greater, approximately around 50GB.

How Do The PST Files Get Corrupted?

You’ll be surprised to learn that there is not one reason behind the PST file corruption. The file can become corrupted due to several...

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Guide to Fixing Error 0x80040116

What is the Error Code 0x80040116?

MS Outlook is the most preferred and widely used application to send and receive emails within offices. In addition to this, it also facilitates users to perform other functions like making calendar entries to keep track of important dates and appointments, saving contact information on address book, creating multiple folders for managing important emails and attachments and also saving drafts that the user would like to send in the long run.
MS Outlook helps people manage work and coordinate with each other efficiently and effectively. However, everything can come to a halt when you, the Outlook user, experience the error code 0x80040116 message display. This can be frustrating and waste time as it can lock you out of your Outlook email account and stop you from accessing it.
Error code 0x80040116 is a common Outlook error that...

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A Quick Guide to convert .EDB files to PST File Format

What are .EDB Files?

All the files with the extension .EDB are associated with the Microsoft Exchange Server. The Microsoft Exchange Server is basically a tool or an application used to retrieve and deliver email messages to a group of users such as a group of employees of a company. EDB files form the database of the MS Exchange Server as it stores all the mailbox data that passes through the application. This includes your email contacts, calendar entries and email messages.

Why do .EDB files need to be converted to PST?

Nonetheless, it is advisable to convert these files into the PST file format. This is because EDB files can develop problems with time as they have limited file space.  Problems occur when it reaches or exceeds the size limit. When this happens, it locks you out of your account and...

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