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A Quick Guide to convert .EDB files to PST File Format

What are .EDB Files?

fix-pst-filesAll the files with the extension .EDB are associated with the Microsoft Exchange Server. The Microsoft Exchange Server is basically a tool or an application used to retrieve and deliver email messages to a group of users such as a group of employees of a company. EDB files form the database of the MS Exchange Server as it stores all the mailbox data that passes through the application. This includes your email contacts, calendar entries and email messages.


Why do .EDB files need to be converted to PST?

Nonetheless, it is advisable to convert these files into the PST file format. This is because EDB files can develop problems with time as they have limited file space.  Problems occur when it reaches or exceeds the size limit. When this happens, it locks you out of your account and makes it unavailable for you. This means you can’t use it send or receive emails or add new contacts.

Furthermore, another reason to conversion to PST file is ideal because EDB files are prone to corruption and damage. Even a slight power failure or abrupt computer restart can corrupt EDB files.

Once EDB files get damaged or you get locked out of your account because of the file size limit error, it will be quite problematic for you especially if you heavily rely on MS Exchange to communicate within the office and to keep track of your important appointments and meeting through Exchange calendar entries.

How Do I Convert .EDB files into PST?

To avoid this issue, inconvenience and make Exchange mailbox data entirely accessible, converting EDB files into PST files is the best way to go.  How to convert .EDB files into PST files is often a challenge. You can be lost with the array of conversion tool choices on the market.

Remember not all conversion tools are made equally. This means each tool offers different benefits and features. So, you must make sure you choose the best conversion tool that there is available.

Talking of the best tool, we recommend Stellar Phoenix PST tool. This is by far the best tool to convert EDB files into PST files. It is a third party tool loaded with features and high on functionality.

From converting EDB files to recovering damaged and corrupted files to restoring data and retrieving old deleted data, Stellar Phoenix does more than just converting files. It works efficiently and is quite effective.

This conversion and repair tool is very simple and easy to use. In just a couple of clicks, you can convert EDB files to PST files.  And also resolve other error codes that you might experience in the long run. To use Stellar Phoenix PST tool you don’t need to be a technical expert or have a sound knowledge about the technical aspect of this interface. This tool is most widely used and preferred tool among users.

To get started, here’s what you need to do:

  • Simply click here to download the PST tool on your PC
  • After downloading, install it
  • Now run it to convert EDB files into the PST file format

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