How to Fix PST Errors Where ScanPST.exe Tool Fails?

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How to Fix PST Errors Where ScanPST.exe Tool Fails?

PST Errors

scan-pstfilesPST (Personal Storage Table) file is an open proprietary file format. This file is typically used in Microsoft Outlook application to save and store email messages, calendar entries, notifications, drafts, attachments and your contacts. The size of the PST file is approximately 2GB.

Many users of MS Outlook often come across PST errors like 0x8004060c, 0x80040600 or 0x80040116 to name a few. When these error codes appear, the user often gets locked out.

The Symptoms of PST Errors

The symptoms of PST Errors include:

  • You can’t send and receive emails
  • Add new contacts
  • Change entry data in your calendar
  • Obscure error messages start popping on your screen


Causes of PST Errors

These errors can be triggered by several causes. Some of the most common causes include PST file corruption and damage, virus infection and when the PST 2GB file size limit exceeds. The PST file size reaches its full potential if you keep on adding new data into it without saving the old emails and heavy attachments in your Outlook account. Over the years, the space becomes full and the limit is reached.

ScanPST.exe- a PST Tool that has Left Many Frustrated

When Outlook account users experience PST errors on their PC, they either call a professional for the job or download repair tools.  Many people opt for repair tools. Repair tools are easy to use and can fix PST problems easily.

When it comes to repair tools, there are several available on the market. What’s important to note here is that not all are designed and created equal. This means each tool has different features and different ability to resolve PST errors. Some tools like ScanPST.exe have limited ability to resolve PST errors which makes it low in functionality. It’s limited ability to repair dangerous and deep rooted PST errors have left many users of this repair tool frustrated. It rarely fixes common PST error messages.

ScanPST.exe Error Repair Tool

This tool is not ideal for all kinds of PST errors. It is typically designed to fix broken and corrupted PST files. However, if the cause of the error is not broken or corrupted PST file, then this tool is likely to fail in resolving the issue.

Nonetheless, some users of ScanPST.exe repair tool also find the tool not completely fixing the problem if the cause is PST corruption and damage. After using this tool and repairing it, many users still can’t access their account, calendar information and send or receive email via Outlook. This shows that ScanPST.exe tool does absolutely nothing to fix the PST error on system.

Why Are the PST Error Messages Dangerous?

It is important to resolve PST errors timely as you can be at risk of losing all your important email messages, attachments and contacts.

Furthermore, if it is not fixed, you will remain locked out of your email account. If you use it frequently for communication in and across your organization, it can be quite inconvenient for you and for others in the loop, as you will not be able to send or receive emails on your Outlook account. Your inability to communicate timely can affect your work efficiency and productivity badly.

As mentioned above, sometimes the cause of PST errors can be virus infection or spyware. If this happens to be the cause of the error on your PC and is not fixed on time, it can put your data security at risk as anybody could be stealing your personal data, monitoring your computer and using it for other dangerous activities without your consent. It also poses a threat of identity theft especially if you have confidential information saved in your email account.

For these reasons, it is quite important to resolve PST errors right away without any delays.

How Do I Fix PST Errors?

If you, like many, have tried resolving PST errors using Ms ScanPST.exe and had no luck, we recommend you to try Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair. ScanPST.exe is a software program with limited functions and features and has low success rate.

However, as compared to ScanPST.exe, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair is a far better choice. It has a high success rate and can practically resolve all possible PST related issues. This means whether you experience PST errors due to file corruption, damage, virus infection or PST size limit, with this repair tool, you can easily and successfully resolve all.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair is a powerful tool embedded with top quality and high functional features.  It is easy to use, safe and efficient.


Here are some features that truly make this tool better than ScanPST.exe:

  • Quick and All Data Recovery

It repairs all types of PST errors and also helps restores all your important and valuable data in your email account including your contacts, email messages, attachments and saved drafts that you may have lost due to file corruption.

In addition to this, it also helps you restore emails that you’ve deleted before the error occurred. So, if you have deleted any important email that you’ve also wished you haven’t, then this will definitely be useful for you.

In comparison, ScanPST.exe does not recover the lost data even if the error gets resolved. This is exactly why ScanPST.exe is not an ideal choice for professional Outlook users.

  • Easy to Navigate and User-Friendly Interface

To use Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool, you don’t need to have technical expertise or experience. This tool has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to navigate and use. In just a few clicks, you can repair PST errors and go back to using your Outlook account.

The program comes in 3 convenient packages: solo, administrator and technician. By using administrator or technician package you can easily install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST repair tool across multiple systems across your department and organization thus making it beneficial for everybody using Outlook in your office.

  • Errors  are Resolved in Seconds

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Repair tool resolves PST errors in seconds. It is saves time and helps you communicate and coordinate with your colleagues timely and execute tasks efficiently.
Since it resolves problems right away, it saves you from dangers like data security risks and identity thefts.

  • Increased Compatibility

With Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair tool, compatibility is not a concern. Unlike ScanPST.exe, it is compatible on all MS Outlook versions. So, whether you have the 2000 version or 2007 or 2010, you can use this repair tool with ease.

Furthermore, it is also compatible with almost all Windows including Vista, Windows 7, XP, Windows 2000 and 2003.
Its outstanding value, user friendly and easy to navigate through interface has made it one of the most sought after repair tools on the market.

How to Download and Install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Tool?

To get started:

  • Click here to download and install Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST on your PC
  • Run it to perform a scan
  • After the scan is complete, you will see a scan report showing you a list of possible errors
  • Simply click on repair to resolve the errors in seconds

Download now!

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